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Yogic Breathing

(Dirga Pranayama)

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Sun Salutations

(Surya Namaskar)

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Musings from the Mat


Useful Links to Interesting Organisations

Southampton Yoga Association

Run monthly Saturday yoga sessions with a variety of teachers and styles

The Minded Institute

Training and courses for Yoga Therapy and Mental Wellbeing

Yoga Sanctuary

Where I did my first Yoga Teacher Training in Southampton


A group of my fellow yoga teacher friends follow the guru Sri Anish and offer workshops and retreats with inspirational songs, yoga, teachings and discussions.

Stacey Steel Yoga 

Weekly classes in Fair Oak (and Botley and Wickham). Also teaches Children's Yoga.

Carla B Yoga 

Weekly classes in Chandlers Ford.

Useful Links


You can buy perfectly good equipment yoga from many high street shops and online. However, it is sometimes tricky to be sure you are buying a quality product. I am happy to offer advice and recommend that you take look at the website.

Your yoga mat is your best friend when practicing yoga. I recommend a 'sticky mat' (made from textured rubber) rather than a smooth foam one. The mat should be at least 4mm thick to offer comfort when kneeling (thicker if you want extra support). The thicker your mat the harder it is to balance, so you might find it easier to step off a thick mat onto the floor for some of the poses.

Unless your hips are very flexible, it is good to sit up on a yoga block (or blocks) or a cushion when sitting still. This lifts the hips up higher and allows the knees to drop down when sitting cross legged (it is not necessary to sit cross legged if this is difficult for you).

A blanket is helpful to place under sensitive knees and/or under your head for relaxation (especially if you find your chin is higher than your forehead). Extra layers (or a blanket) are also nice for when you are in relaxation as your body temperature drops when you are still.

Occasionally I will use straps or belts (as an option if your arms don't reach for certain poses) but any belt, tie or dressing gown cord will serve the purpose.

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