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Yoga Class Details


Payment Options

Same Class
Every Week
One off booking


Book for 6 or 7 weeks

at a time plus receive

access to online videos

£42/£49.00 (£7.00 per class)

Drop-In Sessions


Occasional Beginners' 

Classes, Workshops or Courses 

see the Events Page for details

Prices vary

Use for any five
In-Person Classes
within 10 weeks


No need for classes to

be subsequent or at the

same venue or time

£37.50 (£7.50 per class)

Ananda Yoga
Members Page


Practice yoga on demand

whenever and

wherever you want to

£5 per month

One off


Ultimate flexibility

with no commitment

£8.50 per class


Wondering which type of ticket to choose?

1. Half-Term Block. The simplest and best value option. If you are planning to come along to the same class every week (or almost every week) and don't want to spend time booking individual sessions on the computer, then a BLOCK booking is the option for you. Whether you attend in-person or not, you will have access to the online video replays whenever you want. One booking, one ticket, no refunds, no fuss. This option is only available at the beginning of each half-term (talk to me if we are in the middle of a half-term and I can sort something out for you).


Can't make your regular class? With a Half-Term Block Booking, email or text to ask if you can attend a different class for that week.

2. Class Pass. The flexible way to miss the odd session or switch between classes. You can come along to different locations on different days each week, transfer your tickets to different in-person or online sessions after you have booked them or cancel them to refund them back onto your Class Pass and skip the odd week altogether here and there. You need to set up a password and be logged in to your Bookwhen account in order to use the Class Pass options. When you purchase a Pass you must book at least one session and subsequently select a Single Session for every date you wish to attend (the amount will show as £0.00 for each class at the checkout).

Can't make your usual class? With a Class Pass can transfer your tickets yourself (up to 24 hours before the start time). Choose a different venue or time or cancel the ticket to put the credit back onto your Class Pass.

To learn more about how Class Passes work (and for other booking system queries) you might like to look on the Bookwhen Help Pages here.

3. Single Class. If you are only able to attend classes very occasionally, individual classes can be booked one at a time.

4. Online Classes. Can't make any of the classes but don't want to miss your yoga fix? Video replays of 100 one hour or half hour classes are now available via the Members Page of the website. 

For information about booking terms and conditions, please read the FAQs and Policies page.

If in doubt, check with Jo.



Face to Face Classes

Weekly face to face, in-person classes are currently held in Fair Oak and Horton Heath. For information about the different locations and venues click here.

You can attend every week or just come along when you can. All sessions need to be pre-booked and a booking confirmation will be sent to you via email. 

In the case of a face to face class being full, it is always worth emailing Jo to let her know you are interested and double checking the booking system again a few hours before a class (as circumstances sometimes change last minute).

Sessions are all one hour long (unless otherwise specified) and follow the weeks of the school term (University of Southampton and private class dates may vary).​​ 

Image by Anupam Mahapatra

Unless instructed otherwise, please bring your own yoga mat and any props that you may like to use (perhaps yoga blocks and a blanket for your knees or for relaxation). It is not currently possible to borrow equipment.​​​


Classes cost from just £7.00 for individual sessions if you bulk buy your sessions with a Class Pass or Half-Term Block. The more often you attend, the more you save (see Payment Options above).

In addition to attending your chosen "live" class, you will also receive a link to a video replay of the week's lesson at the end of the week which you can watch as many times as you want (until the next half-term).

Please note government guidelines for any the social distancing rules and safety measures currently in venues (see the COVID Secure Class Guidelines leaflet).


Covid Guide

Online Classes


Everyone booking a face to face or an online session will be able to view a replay of the online lesson at the end of each week.

Online classes are a mixture of one hour and 30 minute classes.



Find yourself a safe place to practice, with a yoga mat and enough space around you to raise your arms up above and out to the sides and to lie down full length on the floor. Have any other props which you might like to use nearby (yoga blocks, a cushion, a blanket, extra layers and anything else that makes you feel comfortable).