Tuesday ~ 10:30 - 11:30am

Woodland Community Centre, Fair Oak

Tuesday ~ 7:45 - 8:45pm

Woodland Community Centre, Fair Oak

Wednesday ~ 11:00 - 12 midday

Online via Zoom

Wednesday ~ 6:30 - 7:30pm

Online via Zoom

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Online Relax and Restore 

Sunday 31st January


Working with bolsters and blankets, a combination of gentle yoga practices and supported holds will allow your body to release deep held tension. Settle into a cosy relaxation position to finish with Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) to leave you feeling relaxed, restored and refreshed.

Investment: £10

Choose to attend face to face in person or online.

Sessions need to be pre-booked and each week's class will be recorded so that you can replay it at home in your own time as often as you like.

Face to Face classes will be coming soon...

(on hold until at least the 17th May 2021)

Due to COVID-19, all classes are

ONLINE ONLY until 18th May

Due to COVID-19, all classes are

ONLINE ONLY until 18th May

A longer class time allows the yoga poses to be broken down, adjustments and modifications offered within the different postures and time to ask questions along the way. Handouts and videos to accompany the course will be emailed so that you can practice what you have learnt at home.


Practice postures to increase flexibility and build strength, learn breathing exercises to calm and soothe the mind, decrease stress and end each class in relaxation.

Ideal for complete beginners or for those who have practiced before and want to take things back to basics.

Investment: £60 (includes a free Ananda Class after the course)

Email: jo.ananda@outlook.com with any questions

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Next course starts 10th January 2021

Sundays 4.00-5.15pm

Ever fancied trying yoga? Feeling daunted about joining an established class? Returning after a break or want to go over the basics? 

This six week course will explore key yoga postures (from which all other poses stem from). A brief overview of yoga philosophy will be included as well as an introduction to breathing techniques and meditation.

Online Discover Yoga Course (5 weeks)

Due to the COVID-19 virus, yoga workshops are currently running online via Zoom

Yoga Workshop for Stress & Anxiety

Sunday 28th February


Tense, agitated, exhausted? Let me soothe your soul.

This two hour workshop offers an introduction to understanding why we feel stressed and anxious and how yoga can help us to re-discover peace of mind.

We live in a hectic world with external stressors all around us. No wonder the body and mind go into overdrive!

The workshop will be a mixture of information and yoga practices. Mindful movement, breathing and meditation will be included, finishing with a deep relaxation.

Take a couple of hours out to discover the benefits of yoga for stress and anxiety and learn why yoga works!

A full Finding Calm course follows in March. This workshop stands alone or works as a beautiful introduction to the work that we can do together on the longer course.

Book onto both events and get £10 off! (see full course details for discount code)

Investment: £18

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Finding Calm - the course!

Yoga & Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety

Sundays 4-6pm Fortnightly from 14th March

Understand the reasons why we feel stressed and anxious, learn about the nervous system and what we can do to help the body and mind work together to re-discover calm.

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We are living in stressful times and it can be tricky to know how to cope.

The mental and emotional benefits of yoga are just as important as the physical benefits (if not more so) and I am totally committed to offering yoga practices which make a difference; helping people feel better about the life they are living. 


Fortnightly live workshops on Zoom, an online support group, handouts and other resources will give you the tools to take control of your mental health.

This course is an investment in your wellbeing, a transformational journey into mental wellness and calm. 

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